Madison Stephens
UX Designer


Madison Stephens, UX Designer

Hi! I'm Madison Stephens.

Portrait by Ernesto Carlos Roman, 2015

I'm a user experience designer and researcher with passions for problem solving, progress, and diversity. Driven by empathy and curiosity, I seek to harmonize humans with machines, imagining a landscape in which we are seamlessly connected. I dream about creating digital worlds and experiences for women and others underrepresented in technology.

After several years working in fashion in New York City- cutting my teeth at Teen Vogue under the mentorship of former Fashion Features editor Jane Keltner de Valle, traversing the globe for the fashion week circuit as my runway model sister's chaperone, and eventually writing and blogging about avant-garde fashion- I returned to where I was raised and currently reside, in Salt Lake City, Utah. I learned HTML and CSS, and started crafting websites for young female artists eager to develop online spaces with a design-oriented feminist peer. I hungered to learn more, and completed a User Experience Design cohort at DevMountain in August 2016.

In October 2016, my design for Rosy won the Amazon Web Services prize at AngelHack's "Lady Problems" New York City Hackathon, in which I organized a team that developed a demo in just 24 hours. The organizers and sponsor were so impressed with the UX, the use of their APIs, and the potential social impact of the app, that they presented us with the prize despite not being in the qualifying economic empowerment category. 

Gif by Devlin Shand, 2013

I'm a vegetarian and a fan of strong, independent females like author Bell Hooks, vampire-slayer Buffy Summers, and revolutionary fashion designer Rei Kawakubo. In my free time, I train in aerial arts, collect David Lynch paraphernalia, read sci-fi by Philip K. Dick, and practice Transcendental Meditation. I enjoy the process- of projects, and of life- and recognize that every opportunity is one for growth and learning.

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